Coffee is good for the Soul

Coffee is good for the Soul

It is something about coffee that makes it more than a drink. Coffee plays a major role in starting our day fresh, alert, ready for the ups and downs and gives us a sense of euphoria. 

Coffee has all the qualities that makes it like dancing to our favorite song. Coffee, like a great song, takes us to a place where it makes us feel pure happy vibes.

Whether you like it espresso, cold brew, latte, straight black with no additives, or bursting with added syrups, creamers and spices, coffee does something powerful to our experiences for the rest of the day.

The coffee that Garden of Eden Coffee carefully selects to offer customers is intentional. We want coffee to touch beyond the tastebuds and your palette and give you a soul experience of smiles, warmth and something that smells ooh-so good. So what does coffee do for you? Does it make you cope with a long day's of work or adulting? Does the warm cup make you feel cozy and relaxed? We know coffee stands to be one of the most sought after beverages because indeed coffee is good for the soul. And yes, we know coffee is not for everyone, but we do know coffee is some kind of special!


Garden of Eden Coffee, Paradise in a cup

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