Pandemic and surrendering to God

Pandemic and surrendering to God

“My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways.” – Proverbs 23:26 (ESV)

This pandemic has been traumatizing. The whole world has been put on timeout it seems at times. It is so puzzling when it will be over and no one truly has the answer how to halt this pandemic. God is not to blame, though many may have. What is happening is called life in its realest form.

So what do you do when you feel God nudging your heart to surrender all your fears and uncertainty to Him??? Surrender is a very humbling process for which not all people want to be first in line to do, especially during a pandemic. Thoughts of fear and uncertainty plague the mind by the min for some.

Our struggles with surrender may involve three things: experiences, disappointments, and fear. In addition,  you may not have had enough history in your walk with God yet to know it is safe to leave things in His hands. Experiences of disappointment, pain and other things may have shattered your trust, and the hurt left you too fragile to give God a try to see if He can come through for you.

Lastly, fear is a natural response to the unknown. When we let fear AND what we see trample our faith or trust in God, it takes super courage to not let those fears win.

How do you obey surrendering or gain courage? Glad you asked! Read scriptures that bring truth to your heart and confirm why God can be trusted. Let God remove what’s hindering you from surrendering to Him and build up your faith through confessing fears in prayer. This will allow God to pour His love and courage in, strengthen and heal you, so you can overcome your fear to surrender. Stay strong my friend! 


-Garden of Eden Coffee

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