Delayed Does Not Mean Denied

Delayed Does Not Mean Denied

We apologize for being a few days behind on our blog, but in reflections of what to write about, we realized a powerful truth-- delayed does not mean denied.

Has there been something you have been waiting to happen in your life? It could be a soul mate, promotion, new house, finding time to workout. The list can go on and on. Sometimes things are delayed but it does not mean it is not for you. Throughout life we have learned the things we want sometimes come in the form of waiting, persevering, growing, learning a few life lessons, losing a few things that no longer serve its purpose. And usually it is important these steps happen first before what we hoped for comes to our life.

Evaluate if what you want will require a little more maturing, maybe there is a relationship that is hindering the right relationship from coming forward, or you need to gain new knowledge to be ready for a greater opportunity. Delayed may mean that what you want is not ready for you versus you not being ready for it. What ever it is, be open, flexible, look honestly within and see how you can wait wisely and grow within yourself where you are currently at in life before concluding you have been denied the desires of your heart.


We hope this helps! And again, we sincerely apologize for being two days late. Hopefully this blog was right on time.



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