Self- Love

Self- Love

Today is an important day, and you know what tomorrow is too! Actually, everyday is important, especially when you take time to embrace the blessing of every moment we are given to express ourselves, grow, give love and forgiveness to those who need it and live our best life every day. 

Self-love is something that NO ONE can give to you, but it is something that YOU can give to yourself. People around you can reinforce that love but not GIVE you self-love. You are special, amazing, forgiven, capable, evolving and worth it! Affirmations are powerful, because what we think of ourselves can either cause us to soar in life or hide in a cage of self-doubt, lack of self-worth and a host of other toxic thoughts.

If you have fallen into these thoughts, breathe, we all are guilty of indulging in a wrong thought or two at times. But some of us write them off immediately and give no further thought to them, while others swim and dwell in self-defeating thoughts. If you are challenged to pull out of self-negativity, it is a sign for the need of deep healing and a call to action to learn how to self-love. It is conquerable, but it will take effort and energy and willingness to want to love yourself. Trust me, it is totally worth it! Once you overcome this hurdle in your thinking and perception of yourself, you will realize you are some kind of wonderful!

This month is your month to shine, self-love and live your best life.

Self-love yourself!


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