Our Story

Before we start our story, to all of our customers we want to say because of you, what was once a fear to step out on faith and follow a dream, has now become a reality. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and you are deeply appreciated!

This is where our journey began...

One of the co-founders (the daughter) was working in a 9 to 5 and attempted going into business again after she gave up for awhile on her dreams of having a successful business. During the last year (2019), her dreaming reignited and she started looking into doing a business. Fast forward, she and the other co-founder (her mom), came up with starting a business together. After many talks, prayer and considering business. Coffee was a no brainer. Who doesn't love coffee, and even more great tasting coffee!

After having a dream about the name of the business, we named our online coffee business Garden of Eden Coffee. The tagline "paradise in a cup" came from, well Garden of Eden biblically is a place of paradise, and coffee starts off as a fruit plant harvested into coffee; and our coffee is harvested from some of the most beautiful places in the world. As a result, another no brainer for us, we came up with "paradise in a cup." And trust us, your palette, your soul, your tastebuds will all be pleased by our aromatic, delectable coffee. We believe drinking coffee compliments the lifestyle we live, so we also hunt for great sophisticated, trendy products, so you never have to leave home without our coffee. You can drink it on the go whether running errands, for fun trips and traveling or just living life.

We thank you for purchasing with us and hope your family and loved ones are safe and protected during this pandemic!


Garden of Eden Coffee, Paradise in a cup